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Redefining Quality Control & Assurance

As an ISO 9001:2015 registered company, Metalzr Profiles Inc. continually upgrades its quality policies to not only meet but exceed customers’ expectations. From a customer perspective, production inconsistencies and poor quality can lead to negative outcomes such as slower time to market, damaged reputation, strained Supplier-OEM relationships, and, ultimately, customer loss or harm.

For companies supplying fabricated parts and steel products, especially in high-reliability industries like Nuclear and Renewable Energy, Mining, Oil and Gas, Automotive, and Transportation, cutting corners on quality is simply not an option.

OEMs require a trusted Processed Steel Provider partner with a reliable and dependable process that consistently delivers high-quality results. This is where suppliers like Metalzr Profiles Inc. stand out from the competition. Our commitment to quality control and assurance goes beyond meeting ISO requirements; it represents our proven method of ensuring consistent, top-notch parts.

Achieving consistent quality is no easy task and demands rigorous, ongoing monitoring of every process, from purchasing to manufacturing to distribution. At Metalzr Profiles Inc., we take pride in our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality in everything we do.

Our team’s pride in workmanship, dedicated effort, relentless focus on quality, and unwavering drive for success are what truly define us!

Tim Bowman, General Manager

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Quality Team

At Metalzr Profiles Inc., our Quality team collaborates closely with our manufacturing teams to ensure that quality is ingrained in every step of the process. Recognizing the uniqueness of every customer requirement and industry, we strive to tailor our quality specifications to meet or exceed the specific needs of each client.

Our comprehensive ISO-certified Quality Management System includes individual Customer Quality Work Instructions (CQWI), guiding every order through the processing process. This meticulous approach ensures that every team member understands precisely what each order demands, guaranteeing consistency and excellence in our output.

Inventory Traceability

At Metalzr, our ISO certification underscores the significance of a robust material tracking system. We leverage cutting-edge tools to ensure comprehensive inventory traceability throughout every stage of our processes, from our suppliers to our customers. Each piece of steel is meticulously tracked, with Material Test Reports (MTRs) electronically assigned at each work center upon material utilization.

For us at Metalzr, quality isn’t merely a metric; it mirrors our dedication to excellence in every project we undertake. Our commitment to delivering top-tier quality is not just a promise; it’s fundamental to everything we do.

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At Metalzr, Precision, Quality, & Innovation are Guaranteed

At Metalzr, Precision, Quality, & Innovation are Guaranteed