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Why Choose Team Metalzr?

At Metalzr, our foundation is built upon a culture of teamwork, respect, and transparent communication. Every member of our team not only takes ownership of their actions but also celebrates their own accomplishments and those of their colleagues. Together, we are dedicated to continuous improvement, innovation, and collective growth. Our unwavering focus remains on fostering a passionate team that understands the importance of collaboration and commitment to quality, which we believe are fundamental to our achievements. We firmly believe in the adage that success is a collective effort, and our team embodies this belief.

At Metalzr, we value diversity and inclusion, creating a vibrant workplace where everyone is respected and appreciated. Through team-building activities and social events, we foster strong bonds and camaraderie. We prioritize work-life balance and offer growth opportunities through education, training, and mentorship. Join us and unleash your full potential at Metalzr.

Metalzr Profiles Invites You to Become a
Part of Our Dynamic Team!


Metalzr’s leadership group’s commitment to nurturing talent from within not only benefits individual employees but also strengthens the organization as a whole. It creates a dynamic and innovative workforce capable of adapting to challenges and driving future growth and success.


Metalzr, strategically based in Paris, ON, benefits from its proximity to major urban centers. With minimal traffic, commuting is easy, promoting a better work-life balance and increased productivity for employees.


Employee benefits at Metalzr provide peace of mind, ensuring that your family’s needs are supported and taken care of.

Profit Share

At Metalzr, we believe in sharing success with our team. That’s why we offer profit-sharing opportunities to our employees.

Company Culture

Metalzr fosters a strong sense of community and camaraderie among its employees by organizing various staff get-togethers and events. These gatherings provide opportunities for team members to bond, collaborate, and build lasting relationships outside of the workplace.


At Metalzr, our commitment to cleanliness, comfort, and safety is unwavering. We prioritize providing modern, up-to-date employee areas to ensure a conducive and enjoyable work environment.