Unlocking Your Potential with Advanced Steel Solutions

At Metalzr, We’re Driven By a Team Committed to Excellence.

With industry-leading experts and cutting-edge equipment, we deliver top-tier steel solutions tailored to your needs. Our services include laser cutting, plasma cutting, forming, welding, drilling, tapping, and bevelling, ensuring precision and rapid turnaround. From custom parts to large-scale production, our in-house facility streamlines processes, reduces lead times, and ensures superior quality. Experience the Metalzr difference – where innovation and quality meet.

Explore Our Versatile Capabilities

To explore how Metalzr can best serve your needs, let’s delve into our capabilities:

CNC Plasma Cutting

With our advanced CNC plasma cutting capabilities, we can handle a wide range of materials and thicknesses with speed and efficiency.

High-Definition Fiber Optic
& CO2 Laser Cutting

Our cutting-edge laser cutting technology ensures precision and accuracy for various materials and designs.


Metalzr specializes in forming processes to create custom pieces or high-volume production parts.

Drill, Tap & Bevel

Metalzr specializes in providing precise drilling, tapping, and bevelling services to meet a variety of assembly needs. Whether you require accurate holes or smooth edges for your parts and components, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results.


At Metalzr, we take pride in our ability to provide exceptional welding services to support our customers.

CNC Programing & Design

With our CNC programming and CAD design expertise, we bring your ideas to life efficiently. Using standard file formats, we streamline collaboration and ensure precise design drawings for outstanding results. Trust us for excellence at every stage of your project.

Shipping & Logistics

At Metalzr, we ensure prompt and seamless parts transportation, guaranteeing on-time delivery with precise packaging and careful handling for impeccable condition upon arrival.